Xat Chatbox Emoticon Commands

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Xat Chatbox Emoticon Commands
01.11.08 (1:03 pm)   [edit]

I've made a post on "Friendster Alternative To Cbox" since cbox won't work on Friendster. If you are looking on chatbox that works on Friendster, you may read my previous post here, " Alternative To Cbox" .

Now, if you had selected Xat chatbox to put on your Friendster, blog, or on your site you may want to know what are the commands for other emoticons^.^ I have said that Xat chatbox is like YM where you can chat with your page visitor, and the emoticons are somehow similar to YM emoticons/ smilies too. And since only 13 available smilies are on display on your xat chatbox and you are wondering if there's other smilies/emoticons for you to use, well, there is. You just have to type the emoticon command on your xat chatbox.

I visited the main website and saw that there are plenty of chatters on the xat chatbox in there using different smilies I've never seen on display on any page xat chatbox.

So here's the xat chatbox smilies/emoticon commands I've seen xat chatters are using:

(AO) ----------------------------> command for a pentagram

(SCB) ----------------------------> command for a crossbone

(U)   ------------------------------> command for a brokenheart

(PGM) ---------------------------> command for a black pentagram

(GRL) ----------------------------> command for a pink circle with a cross

(DEAD) ---------------------------> command for a pale ghostly smily

(EMO) -----------------------------> command for emo

(LOVE) -----------------------------> command for  inlove emoticon

(BOY) -------------------------------> command for a blue boy sign

(BIO) -------------------------------> command for  biohazard

(L) ----------------------------------> command for a red heart

(BOT) --------------------------------> command for a robot

(XD) -----------------------------------> command for > . <

Just type the command on your xat chatbox, press send and it will appear on the chat area.


posted by: amman (reply)
post date: 04.28.08 (2:04 am)


posted by: Dragos (reply)
post date: 04.30.08 (10:48 am)

(D)(XD)(hippo)(paint) tare rau

posted by: Dragos (reply)
post date: 04.30.08 (10:48 am)

(D)(XD)(hippo)(paint) tare rau

posted by: omfg (reply)
post date: 06.11.08 (6:14 am)

OR you can just go on a chatbox, simply type smilies
and you will see a link, click on it and you see ALL the smilies ... xD

posted by: (reply)
post date: 07.08.08 (2:23 pm)


posted by: (reply)
post date: 09.09.08 (4:25 am)

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posted by: İLHAN (reply)
post date: 09.09.08 (4:25 am)

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