Ako Si Kim Samson Episodes: June 30 To July 04

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Ako Si Kim Samson Episodes: June 30 To July 04
07.03.08 (8:27 pm)   [edit]

Here's the weekly episode of GMA Kapuso's newest teleserye "Ako Si Kim Samson." These are episode links from the start date of the teleserye June 30, Monday, to July 04, Friday, episode.

I cannot guarantee that the following links would keep working as days, weeks, months, or years pass as the video uploaders from the video links may delete the videos, or the site host where they uploaded the video (like Youtube) may find the videos and ban the videos or delete it.

And to start, here's the episode link for the pilot episode, June 30 (06-30-08.)

Episode 1

And here's the episdoe link for Tuesday, July 1st/July 01 (07-01-08.)
Episode 2

Below is for 07-02-08 (July 02) "Ako Si Kim Samson" episode link.
Episode 3

Here's for Thursday, July 03 (07-03-08) episode link.
Episode 4


Tags: Ako Si Kim Samson, Ako Si Kim Samson pilot episode, watch GMA teleserye Ako Si Kim Samson, Ako Si Kim Samson first episode


posted by: coney (reply)
post date: 07.27.08 (11:52 pm)

thank's, nakakaaliw panoorin ang "ako si kim samson" sana i post mo lahat ng episode. god bless....

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